PLR Profits Bundle Is Live!

It’s finally here!

Yesterday I told you about a brand new product I’ve been working on…

It’s called the PLR Profits Bundle and it’s 5 different guides that are all focused on showing you how to make-money with private label rights content/products.

MANY of us have a ton of PLR sitting on our harddrives and we either don’t use it at all or we use very little of it.

Bottom line: You’re not doing what you need to do to truly make money with PLR.

So I’ve put 5 different guides together to help you make the most with all of that PLR content and even one that shows you how to get started with your own PLR business.

This is…

The PLR Profits Bundle!

You can either just get the guides and learn from me OR you can learn and earn by getting resale rights to the entire product.

As an added bonus for those of you who pick up the resale rights…

I’m also going to give you access to a workshop I’ll be doing next week called…

The Learn To Earn Workshop

This is a workshop that’s for newbies who just can’t seem to get SOMETHING out there to help them start earning money from a digital business.

(I talked about this in my email yesterday. If you missed that you can read it by clicking here.)

You need to get SOMETHING up so you can at least LEARN to create and profit-from a digital business, and this workshop will help you do that.

In this workshop I’ll show you a quick and easy way to…

1. Pick a niche to get started in for your own digital business.

2. How to create a squeeze page for your niche so you can build a list of targeted buyers.

3. How to take existing products, get them setup WITH order buttons, so you can have things that you can put in front of your list and make-money.

4. How to create an email sequence to get people to buy the products you setup. You can automate your entire selling process with what I’ll be teaching you.

5. What you need to do to get started with marketing your new digital business.


Cheezus I’m about to make this one heck of a deal…

You will get full private label rights to the entire workshop!


So if you want to…

1. Just learn how to use PLR content in MANY different ways to make-money and market your online business just get the personal use option to the PLR Profits Bundle.


2. If you want to learn how to use PLR content in MANY different ways to make-money and market your online business, PLUS get the resale rights to the PLR Profits Bundle (so you can sell it and keep all the profits), AND get access to the Learn To Earn Workshop, AND get the private label rights to the Learn To Earn Workshop then get the resale rights option to the PLR Profits Bundle.

I’ve never made an offer this big with so much money-making information in it…

And the price is jaw-dropping…


You’ve only got 2 days to get this offer at the launch pricing. After the timer expires the price will go up to the regular price with NO exceptions…

Head over to to grab this offer before it expires!


This Is YOUR Problem!

I see a lot of newbies who say that they just don’t know where to get started with creating an online digital business.

Have you thought of just picking something and DOING it?

Just picking ONE thing, and using it to LEARN on. “Cut your teeth” on as I say.

Here’s a quick way to do that…

There’s a ton of PLR content out there and resale rights products.

PLR content you can take and make into your own “thing”. That “thing” could be content for a blog, social media, or a digital product.

Resale rights products are ready to go products. Set them up, put your order button on them, and you’ve got yourself something you can sell.

So why not find a bunch of PLR and/or resale rights products in a niche and USE it to build a funnel.

1. Have a squeeze page that gets people to get on your list. (Yes there’s a lot that goes into this, but getting one up and going isn’t hard. Then you tweak it to keep getting better results. But you have to start someone.)

2. Have 2-3 products setup with your order buttons on them. (This is super duper easy. Again see what works or doesn’t and tweak to make more and more sales.)

3. Create an email sequence to get people into you and buying your 2-3 products. (This also can be tough, but again you have to get started, and you can tweak your emails to get better results. If you have some cash to put into this you can hire an email copywriter to write all of your emails for you so you get the best results out of the gate.)

4. Market your squeeze page! (This is another part to learn, but by DOING you learn what does and doesn’t work.)


You have to do SOMETHING so that you can learn, and what I just laid out is the easiest way to do that.

Tomorrow I will be coming out with a brand new resale rights product on a super hot topic.

Everyone who buys it will also get access to a workshop where I will be showing how to do EVERYTHING I just listed out.

Stay tuned…

Update: Here is that brand new resale rights product I was talking about and the bonus. 🙂 >>>

What Are Resale Rights Products?

Since about 2004/2005 I’ve been buying and making money with resale rights products. I’ve also been creating them and selling them to others. Because I’m so well known for resale rights products one of the most common questions I get is…

Liz, What are resale rights products?

The short answer is: They are products that other people create and you can buy a license to sell those products and keep all the money.

When you buy the license typically the product creator gives you a sales page that you can add your order buttons to, and a download page so your customers can download what they purchase.

Generally when you buy resale rights products you can only sell them “as is”.

Meaning you can’t edit them. You can usually add your name and contact info to the sales page and download pages, but that’s it.

You can’t edit the sales copy on the sales page OR edit the product AT ALL.

If you want to be able to edit product you need products with private label rights. That’s a topic for a different day. 🙂

So, what’s the advantage of buying a resale rights license to a product?

1. You don’t have to do the product creation!

When you buy resale rights to a product, it’s already created. You don’t have to do any of the product creation which can take days and even weeks.

2. You don’t have to create a sales system.

A sales system is generally a sales page and a download page. Here is a product I sell the resale rights to. This is the sales page that I use and also the sales page that people who get a resale rights license use to sell the product >>>

Creating the copy to sell a product takes time and skill. Most people don’t have the skills it takes to create words that make people want to buy. Most people also don’t have the skills to build a page with the sales copy on it. So by getting the resale rights to a product, you cut all of this out.

Same thing with a download page. Most don’t have the skills to create a download page.

Those are the two biggest advantages, and there are a lot of strategies you can use with resale rights products.


1. Buy several and create a funnel

2. Buy several and put them in a membership site

3. When allowed you can use them as bonuses to your own products or products you’re an affiliate for.

4. Buy several and bundle them up to create a bundle offer. For example you could buy 5 different ones on Internet marketing and offer it as a package of products all on Internet marketing.

I could go on and on here because I’ve made money in several different ways with resale rights products, but you get the idea.

So basically resale rights products are products you can buy, setup, and keep 100% of the money you make off of them without having to do any of the creating.

One last thing before we wrap up here…

When you buy a resale rights product generally it will come with a license file that tells you what you can and can’t do with the product. You should definitely read that.

Sometimes you can give the product away for free. (Build your list.) Sometimes you can pass the resale rights license on to your customers (this is called master resale rights). There’s a million different things you can do, but it all comes down to what the license says you can do, so make sure you know your rights. If a product creator doesn’t include a license file contact them and ASK!

Okay… So, hopefully this clears up the question of…

Liz, What are resale rights products?

If not leave your questions in the comments below and I’ll help you out. 🙂

To your success!


6 Ways To Instantly Make Money With Resell Rights Products

Have you tried everything under the sun to make money?

Are you just getting into the whole “make money thing”?

No matter where you are with trying to make money online, the quickest and easiest way to start profiting is by buying rights to digital products.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the terms “product rights” and “digital products”, let me give you a little crash course here.

Digital products are ebooks, software, videos, and the like. These are simply products that can be downloaded after purchase. No waiting for anything to be shipped to you. Make your payment and download it. Very simple, right?

Now some products you can actually purchase rights to. This means you buy the product, and you also have the right to sell that product and keep 100% of the profits.

Yes seriously… I’m not joking!

You can literally find ready to go products, that you can sell, and keep all the money on. At the end of this article I’ll share with you my secret place for getting my hands on these products, but for now, let’s talk about the different ways that you can make money with digital products that you buy the rights to.

By having a load of digital products that you have resell rights to, your options are virtually unlimited in the ways you can cash in with them.

Here’s 6 ways off that top of my head right now, that I have personally used to profit!

Existing ClientsAlready have clients in your business? Simply find a resell rights product that would interest them, and send them the link to it. I have done this over and over again and watch $2000-$3000 roll into my PayPal account

Build A Website – Pick a large niche. For instance dog training. Find several resell rights products related to dog training, and you can sell them each from one website. You could become the for digital dog training products. Once you get one up, find another niche and repeat. That’ll give you TWO streams of income.

Create A New Product – When you find resell rights products online make sure to categorize them when you download them. Later you can come back to your categories, and find batches of products that you can bundle together and make an entirely different and new product.

Build A List Of Buyers – Many times you can give giveaway rights to resell rights products. When you do, give them away to people in exchange for their email address. It’ll create a list of prospects for you that you can market to over and over again!

Bonuses For ProductsHave existing products you sell online? Why not add some serious value and shoot up your sales conversions by offering resell rights products you have bought as bonuses to your product? I have done this time and time again, and some people sometimes buy my initial product just to get the bonuses. This is VERY powerful.

Bonuses For Affiliate SalesWant to make money promoting other people’s product? It’s a great plan, but what about all the other people doing the same thing? You can crush your competition by offering bonuses to those who purchase products through your link. This is a sure fire way to boost your affiliate commissions.

I hope these tactics have sparked some ideas in your head. Having the rights to sell digital products truly is the quickest and easiest way to start making money online right now! To get started, find some digital products that you can buy the rights to. Come back to this article, and pick one tactic you want to use, and get to work. Soon you’ll be making your first money online!

Get my secret resource for the hottest resell rights products online by going to This one package alone contains 5 brand new, never before seen products, that you can instantly have up and online profiting for you 24/7. Don’t miss out because this package is first come-first served, and there’s only 500 packages that will ever be sold!

The Ugly Truth About Resale Rights – Part I

As information marketers we continually keep buying products with resale rights, and wonder why they don’t make us any money. If you know what products to look for then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be making money with resale rights products.

They are great for list building purposes, back end sales, product packages, and many more profitable ventures, but there are down sides to resale rights products, and if you don’t know what you are doing, you will lose money!

This is Part I of a series of articles I will be writing to help people understand the truth behind making money with resale rights. Today I will be discussing Ugly Truth #1 – Low Quality Resale Rights

By doing a search on any search engine you’ll find thousands of offers for different resale rights products and/or packages. The only problem is that most of these products have been around forever. You can’t give them away much less make money from them.

When buying products with resale rights, there are a few things you need to look for as far as the quality of the products.

I’ve created a short check list you should look at each time you go to buy a product with resale rights.

1. When was the product published?

If the product is over a year old, I usually wont buy it. Many things change within a year, and I only want to provide up to date information to my customers. So before you buy, ask how old the product is.

2. I do a search for the product on the main search engines to see how much competition there is for the product.

If 20,000 other people are selling the same resale rights product as you, then how are you going to be different from them with the same product? There are millions of people online, but you still have to stand out from the crowd. Don’t buy resale rights products that everyone and their brother is trying to sell.

3. Does the product come with a marketing package?

When I buy a resale rights product I usually wont buy it unless it comes with graphics, and a ready to go sales letter that I can edit. I do make changes here, and there, but to save me time to get me quickly profiting with a product, I want a sales letter that’s ready to go. If this isn’t stated in the sales copy for the product, ask the owner of the product if a marketing package comes with the product. If not, then I would look else where.

4. Can the product help your customer in some way?

We all want to make more money, save time, and solve our problems. Make sure that the resale rights product can help your customers in some way. We all like to make money, but it all starts with making a customer happy. Be sure that you are helping them!

5. The price of the product.

It is easy to understand why there are different prices for different brands of a physical product. The price tag can easily determine the quality and contents of the product. Information products are no different! To make money with resale rights products, you have to spend a little money. Don’t buy a product just because it’s cheap. Usually the more expensive resale rights products sell better because there is less competition. Most people wont spend money to make money.

If you had to pay $197 for a product that only 400 other people were selling and could make $3000 from that one product, why would you pay $20 for a product that 4,000 people are selling and you may only make your investment back?

These are the top five things you need to be watching for when it comes to the quality of a resale rights product. You are sure to make more money off of resale rights products that provide good information, that doesn’t have a lot of competition, and that can help your customer. Use your head and follow this advice and you should do well with profiting with resale rights!

Get my secret resource for the hottest resell rights products online by going to This one package alone contains 5 brand new, never before seen products, that you can instantly have up and online profiting for you 24/7. Don’t miss out because this package is first come-first served, and there’s only 500 packages that will ever be sold!

The Resale Rights/PLR Difference – What Matters?

Today I want to talk about the difference between the resale rights business model and the PLR creator business model because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it lately.

So first let’s start off with understanding products with rights…

When we talk about selling the rights to the product it means that we create the product, and then give someone else the right to use it. Depending on what kind of rights you give depends on what the person can do with the product.

There are many different types of rights, but here are the main ones…

Resale rights – The purchaser of these rights can resell the product and keep 100% of the profits. They can’t edit the product, claim copyright, etc. The customers who purchase this product from the rights purchaser only gets personal use rights. Meaning they can only use it in its intended way. They cannot resell the product.

Master resale rights – The purchaser of these rights can resell the product and keep 100% of the profits. They can’t edit the product, claim copyright, etc. The customers who purchase this product from the rights purchaser can use the product and also resell the product to their customers.

Private label rights – The purchaser of these rights can resell the product and keep 100% of the profits. They CAN also edit the product, use it in several different ways, claim copyright, etc. Basically this is like getting a product and being able to do anything you want with it. You can even take a product with private label rights, change it up just a bit, and sell the resale/master resale rights to it.

Unrestricted private label rights – The purchaser of these rights can do just about anything with the product INCLUDING reselling the private label rights to it. This is like full blown rights to do anything you want.

Okay so now that you understand the difference in rights, let’s talk about the differences in being a resale rights creator and a PLR creator.

PLR Product Creator – As a PLR product creator you have to create all the content for your product from scratch or pay someone to create it for you. If it’s an ebook it’s got to be all original from scratch content. If it’s software it’s got to be all original code from scratch. If it’s videos the content needs to be all original from scratch. Getting the point here?

You have to create everything from scratch so that it’s YOURS and you can offer private label rights to it.

Being a PLR product creator is VERY profitable and I’ve made tons of money doing it, but there’s an easier way to make just as much money!

Resale Rights Product Creator – As a resale rights product creator you CAN create all the content yourself and just sell the resale/master resell rights to others, but an even easier way is to use PLR content you already have or can easily buy and use THAT to create your resale rights product.

I know… It can be a bit confusing, but if you read this post a few times you will get it. 🙂

Just remember this…

PLR – Can edit and sell and/or use in multiple ways

Resale rights – Cannot edit and can only sell as is.

Depending on what you want to do will depend on which of these you will choose.

If I’m just wanting to get a good product in front of my people to help them I’ll just buy resale rights.

If I want to get content and turn it into my own product or use it in a different way (blog posts, bonus content, membership content, etc) then I’ll buy private label rights.

There are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of online business owners out there that want both PLR products and resale rights products.

My Email Templates – New Resale Rights Product!

I’ve just released a brand new resale rights product that you’re not only going to be able to make-money with, but also be able to use and profit-from yourself!

The Product:

My Email Templates is a collection of 101 fill-in-the-blank email templates developed to help you with your email marketing.

There are 13 different sets that these 101 templates are divided into that each specialize on different strategies you use in your email marketing.

When you need to create an email for something crack open this resource, find an email that fits your needs, fill in the blanks, and USE it.

It’s that simple!

The Resale Rights:

You’ll also see that you can grab the resale rights to this product. That means you can take it and set it up for yourself, and keep all the profits on all sales that you make.

This is a business asset that will be SO easy to add to your current online business product line.

Grabbing this option makes a lot of sense because it gives you an instant money-maker. 🙂

Here’s the deal…

For the next 3 days you can pick it up at the launch discount and save a ton of money, so make sure you grab this right now while it’s still at the discount price.


5 Ways To Make Money With Resale Rights Products

Resale rights products are my favorite things to buy because it’s takes the work of product creation out of the equation.

These are ready to go products so you don’t have to do the work to create them. Yay!

And… There are many different ways to use them to make money in your business. Here are 5 ways to make money with resale rights products. Read your options below, then head over to your harddrive and start using those resale rights products you have. If you don’t have any here is a resource pointing you to some good ones you can get your hands on right now >>>

Let’s get started…

1. Create Your Own Funnel

We’ve all been through a sales funnel. You land on a sales page, buy the product, and you’re taken to another sales page. You buy that product and you’re taken to another sales page. That’s known as a sales funnel, and they can make you a lot of money.

Side Note: Some people do these all wrong. They are just throwing anything in a sales funnel and as much as they can. That’s not how to do it. We’re not going to go into the perfect sales funnel creation here or what’s right or wrong, but use your head. Keep it relevant and don’t put as much as you possibly can in your sales funnels. 🙂

You can definitely use resale rights products to create your own sales funnels. Simply find 3-4 related resale rights products and build a funnel using them.

2. Use Resale Rights Products As Bonuses

Bonuses are a great way to make more sales. I’ve even bought a product JUST for the bonuses before. 🙂 You can use resale rights products as bonuses to your product or even as bonuses to products you use as an affiliate! Find a few resale rights products related to a product you’re promoting and create your own “bonus package” to make more sales!

3. Create Your Own Product Bundle

Everyone loves a good deal, and creating a bundle of products on one topic is a great way to make money with digital products. Find 4-6 resale rights products on different topics related to your niche, create a sales page offering them, and BOOM you have your own product bundle to offer.

4. Use Resale Rights Products To Build Your List

Looking for something you can use to build your list? Use a resale rights product! I have 100’s of resale rights products on my harddrive. I could search through them, find one, create a squeeze page, and use one as a free offer to get people on my list. Follow up with emails promoting things related to the topic of your freebie and you’ve got a targeted list to promote to!

5. Resale Rights Products As Relationship Builders

Building a relationship with your audience is very important and a great tactic to allow you to do that is to give them free stuff. Resale rights products make great freebies for your audience. Of course you need to check your license and make sure you can give it away for free, but when you give your audience something they would normally have to pay for you make them feel good about following you. They’re going to be more apt to listen to you and more importantly BUY from you!

Now there are a lot of other options out there I’m sure, but I just gave you 5 that you can take and start using RIGHT NOW. Go make money, go build your list, and/or go build your relationship with your audience. You can do all of that with resale rights products!

Yay! 🙂

Have questions or comments on what I’ve covered here? Let me know in the comments below…

How To Promote Your Product When You’re Brand New

If you’ve been following along here I’ve been teaching you to buy products you get the rights to, set them up, and get people to buy them.

Learning the techy side of setting these up yourself is the EASY part believe it or not. Plus you can also outsource it pretty cheap if you just can’t or wont do the work yourself.

The really hard part is getting traffic to your product once you have it setup so you can actually make sales!

You need to find people interested in the topic of your product and get your link in front of those people. How can you do that?

That’s what we’re going to talk about right now.

Tactic #1: Build A List!

First things first… You need to make sure that you are working on building your list. When you have an email list of people who are interested in your niche you can make money on demand.

Send an email out, point those people to a link, make money.

If you haven’t started building your list that’s the very first thing you need to do.

I have an entire workshop called the List Building Kickstart Workshop that teaches you exactly how to do this at

That’s my biggest piece of advice to you. Start building that list!

So tactic #1 is Build an email list!

The next tactic I would recommend is content marketing!

Tactic #2: Use Content Marketing… It Works!

Basically this is you creating content related to your niche and getting that content in front of people. Each piece of content should link to something that makes you money. Like the page where you’re building your list or a link to one of your products.

I create 2-3 pieces of content each week (this could be a blog post, a cheatsheet, a video tutorial, etc) and then I post them to all of my social profiles.

Each piece of content is on the Internet forever and acts as a “salesman” out there selling for me. Each time you put out a new piece of content that’s putting another salesman out there for yourself.

If you’d like to learn how I used content marketing to promote my resale rights products (and everything else I promote) I highly recommend that you go through my Content Marketing Kickstart Workshop at

Let’s talk about another tactic you can use…

Have an affiliate program for your product!

Tactic #3: Have An Affiliate Program

If you’re using sites like Warrior + or JVZoo your actually putting your product in an affiliate market place and you automatically have an affiliate program.

Find people who are in niches related to the topic of your product and start interacting with them. Find them on social media and interact. Find their blogs and interact. Once you’re on their radar reach out to them and ask what you can do for them to become an affiliate for you.

This isn’t easy to do because you’ve got to spend time building relationships with people, but it can be VERY profitable if you get the right person to be an affiliate for your product.

Those three things have several tactics within them. You might be thinking well that’s just THREE tactics. That’s three tactics that could fuel your entire business if you put the work in and use them.

I highly recommend you start with the first tactic. Start building your list. Use content marketing in building your list, and in the mean time start some relationship building so you can get affiliates!

Have questions or comments on what I’ve covered here? Let me know in the comments below…

The Resellers Crash Course

Today I’m bringing you a big fat ugly truth

If you don’t have a squeeze page (or some way to build your list) you’re done before you even get started.

In ANY business that you try to run online you MUST have a list or ACTIVELY be building that list!

I build my lists via squeeze pages (I’ll show you some examples below) and via pop ups and forms on my blogs and pages of my sites.

This is absolutely the VERY first step in making money with ANYTHING, but I’m specifically talking to those of you who want to make-money with reseller opportunities.

Reseller opportunities = Anything you can get a license for to sell as your own.

So if you don’t have a way to build your list then here is what you can do…

1. Learn to build your own squeeze page system.

2. Buy a ready to go squeeze page system you can use to quickly get started.

3. Do NOTHING and keep getting the results you’re currently getting. How’s that working out for you?

So today I’ve done a video tutorial about getting started with your own squeeze page and how you can get started making a butt load of-money reselling digital products with just an easy to build email list.

I’m literally giving you a complete formula in this video so make sure you’re paying attention!

If you were to do NOTHING but what I show you to do in this video tutorial you could have a cash-pumping online business that would give you the money-you need to live any kind of life you want!

Stop what you’re doing now, get ready to take notes, and WATCH this video!

Note: Click here to download the resources document that goes with this video.